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Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Public Safety

Training and staffing of our public safety departments must always be our main priority. Safe neighborhoods are the cornerstone to a good quality of life for our residents.


We must protect our water rights for the residents and farmers that rely on it to survive. Clean and reliable water should never be in question.

Economic Development

Our communities deserve a vibrant, healthy economy here in Stanislaus County.  By attracting lucrative paying jobs and by incentivizing our business community, it will give our citizens an opportunity at a better quality of life. Our cities and our county must work together to create an environment that businesses can thrive.


It is vital that we address this crisis from the perspective of compassion and accountability. Our county should support a regional project that will benefit our communities collectively and ensure a funding source for mental health and homeless prevention programs. A regional concept will overall benefit those in need of services, as well as our neighborhoods and business community.  


We must ensure quality services for our veterans here in Stanislaus County. We should support veteran housing projects and job training programs that will benefit those who served, as well as our communities overall. Our veterans who have served our country should never be left behind.

Constituent Service

As I have done as a Ceres City Councilmember, I will be proactive and accessible to our residents. I will hold weekly office hours across the district to hear your concerns and any suggestions you may have. I will always make myself available to every constituent of District 5.

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